New Era Wind Turbine Design

II. COMPONENT OF NEW ERA WIND TURBINE DESIGN In order to extract energy from a larger area of the approaching wind, smaller, sturdier, and faster blades can be used. We try to design a new idea about the shape of fin, cowl, lobed mixer, rotor and stator. There are some of important parts in this new design of wind turbine jet.

Multi-Stage Mixer/Ejector Systems | Joint Propulsion Conferences

Multi-Stage Mixer/Ejector Systems. Walter Presz and ... Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. WALTER M. PRESZ, ...

Two-stage mixer ejector suppressor - Stage III

1996/10/11 · A two-stage mixer ejector suppressor is disclosed for greatly reducing the noise level of gas turbines. In the preferred embodiment, two suppressor stages are located end-to-end within an ejector shroud. Each stage has a ring of

US5761900A - Two-stage mixer ejector suppressor

A two-stage mixer ejector concept ("TSMEC") is disclosed for suppressing the noise emanated by jet aircraft. This TSMEC was designed to help older engines meet the stringent new federal noise regulations, known as "Stage III".

Gen 2.0 Mixer/Ejector Nozzle Test at Lsaf June 1995 to July

Jul 31, 2013 · Gen 2.0 Mixer/Ejector Nozzle Test at Lsaf June 1995 to July 1996 [Arney, L. D., Nasa Technical Reports Server (Ntrs), Et Al] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System | Manufacturers & Suppliers

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System. Finetech Vacuum Pumps is one of leader manufacturer and supplier especially the vacuum generating equipment asbelow according to world’s recognized code ASME For Mechanical design, HEI for thermal, TEMA & ASME Codes for Heat Exchanger

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Velocity and Turbulence Characteristics of Isothermal Lobed

Forced Mixer Lobes in Ejector Designs,” AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 350 ...

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Computation and Validation of Parameter Effects on

( in C hin ese) [ 4] Presz W M, Gousy R G, Morin B L. Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs[R] . AIAA Paper 86 1614, 1986. [ 5] DeBonis J R. Full navier stokes analysis of a two dimensional mixer/ ejector nozzle for noise

Wafer Type Static Mixer

The very compact Wafer Type Static Mixer has a slim profile which allows for simple drop-in installation in pipelines from 2″ to 120″. Alternate vortex shedding creates rapid mixing within a limited space. Pressure drop is minimal.

Rapid supersonic performance estimation for a novel RBCC

Rapid supersonic performance estimation for a novel RBCC engine inlet. ... or forced mixer lobes ... An ejector air intake design method for a novel RBCC rocket ...

The Paint Plant for the 21st Century

VACUCAM® EJECTOR MIXER: The VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer is the most effective system available for conveying, wetting and dispersing powders into liquids. Here’s how it works. C ONDITIONED POWDER IS CONVEYED INTO THE MIXER BY A NEAR-PERFECT vacuum, which is cre-ated when pressurized fluid is forced through the Ejector Mixer’s unique, patented ...

Numerical and Experimental Study on Jet Trajectories and

An investigation of the jet trajectories and mixing behavior of venturi-jet mixers, in which turbulent jet injects fluid at an arbitrary angle to mix incompressible fluids, is described in this paper. Numerical results of an incompressible cross flow-jet mixing in venturi-jet mixers are presented and validated against experimental results.

Research on the Rectangular Lobed Exhaust Ejector /Mixer

ejector/mixer systems have received great attention by many researchers in the recent years (Refs. 1-10) and they have been widely applied to the aero-engine area. For example, on the commercial aero-engines, such as JT8D-217C, CFM56-5C and RB211-524G/H, lobed ex-haust ejector/mixer systems had been used to reduce

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using radially lobed nozzles ... Gousy R; Morin BL (1986) Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. AIAA Paper 86-1614. ...

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EJECTORS & VACUUM SYSTEMS Chem Process has been designing Steam Jet Thermocompressors since decades and each unit is designed specifically to suit a customer's process and

Design of wind turbines with shroud and lobed ejectors for

the lobes, and three large scale vortex rings. The shroud and lobed ejector structure in the back of the proposed wind turbine produced such an effect that the pressure at the wind turbine exit was reduced so that the turbine power output was increased by 240%. It is therefore concluded that the proposed wind

Automotive exhaust noise attenuator

1988/12/27 · Automotive exhaust noise attenuator United States Patent 5058703 Abstract: To reduce noise, an automotive exhaust tailpipe has a convoluted surface at or near its outlet to generate pairs of counterrotating axial vortices within ...

Numerical Simulation of Lobed Exhaust Ejector

Exhaust ejectors are good ventilations and cooling equipments. By the method of numerical simulation, researches on cylindrical exhaust ejector, lobed exhaust ejector and lobed exhaust ejector with twisted blades are conducted in this paper to study the effects of different ejector structures on flow field uniformity.

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lobed mixer nozzle: Topics by

Concurrent measurements of noise and thrust were made at critical takeoff design conditions for a variety of mixer /ejector model hardware. Design variables such as suppressor area ratio, mixer area ratio, liner type and thickness, ejector length, lobe penetration, and mixer chute shape were tested. Parallel testing was conducted at G.E.'s Cell ...

Visualization of Flows behind the Lobed Forced Mixers Using

Flow visualization studies have been conducted using the smoke-wire technique to examine the flows behind lobed forced mixers of different trailing edge configurations (namely a square wave, semi-circular wave and a triangular wave) at a velocity ratio 1:1 across the lobe.

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The Effects of Spoilers on Jet Mixing of Lobed Nozzles

Presz Jr WM, Reynolds Jr G, McCormick D (1994) Thrust augmentation using mixer-ejector-diffuser systems. AIAA-94-0020. Proceedings of the 32nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit; Reno, USA. [ Links ] Shan Y, Zhang JZ (2005) Numerical investigation on the effects of lobe nozzles geometric parameters on mixer-ejector performance.

Experimental Measurement of the Vortex Development

An experiment was set up to investigate the mixing processes downstream of a mixer. Air flow was independently supplied to each side of the forced mixer by separate centrifugal blowers. Pressures were measured at the entrance to the lobes with a pitot-static probe to document the characteristics of the approaching boundary layer.

Experimental investigation of flow behavior for scalloped and

McCormick and colleagues 7,8 performed extensive flow visualizations and quantitative hot-film anemometry measurements on a forced mixer. Through smoke flow visualizations, the presumed existence of horseshoe-shaped vortices found in the lobe troughs at the mixer trailing edge were verified.